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Luxurious and Comfortable Desert Camping Facilities In Erg Chebbi

05 Apr 16 - 11:49

Are you planning for a vacation in Morocco? If yes, remember one important thing that any exploration to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without visiting to the fabulous ergs (a classic sand dune desert) of the Sahara Desert, i.e. the Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga.

Erg Chebbi- The Most Accessible Dunes Of The Sahara Desert

The Sahara extends across the vast regions of North Africa, from the Red Sea to the Atlantic, covering around 11 countries in the African Continent. In fact, the desert is made up of rocky plateau, sea flats and sand seas or ergs. These sand dunes or ergs are formed by the wind and can reach up to 180m. Usually, they emerge like a sea out of a desert; which makes an alluring place to visit in Morocco. However, sleeping under the starry sky in a Berber tent, the camel trekking and the silence can be only enjoyed in Erg Chebbi and all can contribute to make it a must-see destination on everyone’s bucket list.


Luxury Camping Opportunities At Erg Chebbi


Camps are the basic thing to be enjoyed in the desert, especially the luxury ones. At the simpler end, you can expect an Erg Chebbi luxury desert camp set up in a tranquil and comfortable setting. If you love to stay in the luxury camps, then you’ll be provided with amenities like beds, table and chairs to dine on as well as showers to enjoy bathing. However, there’s an availability of two types of camping opportunities like private camp and main camp to be experienced in Erg Chebbi.

Private Desert Camp In Erg Chebbi



The private luxury camp can offer you a chance to indulge yourself in the serene midst of sand dunes. This can be reserved for unique purposes, especially if you are in need of ultimate privacy. However, it can be an ideal choice for honeymoon as every newly wedded couple needs peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Special Features-


  • The sleeping tents include the blend of authentic Moroccan design and the modern to submerge you in this exceptional region of Africa.
  • The tents are equipped with hot, cold water facilities and comfortable bedding facilities.
  • Traditional carpets are adorned the floors of the camps and the handcrafted furniture are well-decorated to compliment your preferences.

Main Desert Camp In Erg Chebbi


A most tranquil place in the desert can be quite difficult to imagine! As the sand dunes are around the camping site of Erg Chebbi, you can get to enjoy luxury camping facilities in this exquisitely peaceful location of Morocco with an Erg Chebbi luxury desert camp.

Special Features-


  • Tents are designed with utmost care to ensure an excellent level of comfort and luxury. These tents are provided with handcrafted furniture and soft textiles.
  • Availability of double or twin beds with plentiful seating space and en-suite bathrooms, including shower, hand basin and flushing toilet with running hot and cold water.
  • The camps can offer utmost relaxation and fantastic spectacles of sand dunes and the deserts.
  • When the night approaches, you’ll be welcomed by the lighting of lanterns.
  • Campfire and music can be experienced during the evening or night beneath the twinkling, starry sky.




No matter whether you want to experience a private camp or stay at the main camp, be sure of reliving your stress, whenever you’ll find yourself in an oasis of calmness and serenity. If your vacation is around the corner, then it’s highly recommended to make reservations for Erg Chebbi luxury desert camp of Desert Luxury Camp and get an excellent opportunity to explore one of the most spectacular natural landscapes on the planet with us.

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