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Falling in Love with the Rhythm of the Deserts
Tired of the same old antique vacation plans? Need a change on this vacation? Then make Merzouga deserts your next holiday destination! A calm environment with clear sky, murmuring wind, shimmering views, and colossal sand dunes and at night the dazzling stars provides a complete unperturbed experience.

To make this holiday plan a booming and outstanding one desert camping is the best pick. There are a lot of companies offering lucrative desert camps with a pleasant hospitality that will turn your mood up and you will be completely worry free.

Desert Camp
But spending time in desert is not that easy as the atmosphere of desert is quite harsh for camping! The climate might not be suitable for some in the beginning but it’s all about tuning yourself with the rhythm of the desert which will happen eventually by following some tips as follows:
  1. Fight with dehydration:
As we all know the temperature of deserts at the day time are extremely hot hence one must drink ample amount of water to fight back dehydration which is the most common and dangerous thing that can happen in a desert. Also carry iodine tablets for emergency. And keep drinking water frequently to avoid getting dehydrated.
  1. Do not hurt desert wildlife :
An incredible range of wildlife can be found in the deserts including various species of lizards and snakes, scorpions etc. among which a few like rattle snakes and scorpions can harm you if provoked else they are harmless. Hence always carry compression bandages for keeping the venom away from spreading into the whole if bitten by any creature.
  1. Stay prepared for colder nights:
It is a known fact that the nights in the deserts are extremely colder so carrying warm clothes along with one or two blankets will be helpful in struggling with the cold.
  1. Avoid exposure in daytime:
To have an enjoyable experience in the deserts always try to avoid exposure in the mid day. Instead of mid day you can choose dawn or dusk for any physical activity like hiking etc. and can rest during the day time as the desert animals do to avoid the hot sun.
  1. Tent:
Generally the tents are built with canopy made of translucent fabrics with darker floors which makes the tent into a solar oven. Hence try to cover the tent with an opaque sheet.

If you want have a life changing experience then on this vacation try camping in the Merzouga deserts of Morocco. Visit and make your desert camp a magical one.

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